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Hip arthritis can be treated with a total hip replacement. This surgery replaces the ball and socket joint of the hip. In general, it takes approximately three months to recover from a total hip replacement surgery, although it can take one year or longer to completely recover from the operation. During the recovery time, patients will be seen by physical therapy at least while in the hospital. An exercise program is necessary to regain movement and function following hip replacement surgery.  There are various risks associated with a total hip replacement surgery including but not limited to anesthesia problems, infection, bleeding, need for blood transfusion, blood clots in the leg or the lung. Prior to surgery, patients are seen by their personal medical doctors and undergo a thorough evaluation to ensure that they are in the best possible physical condition for the operation. During and after surgery close monitoring is carried out to ensure the best possible result and to minimize complications. Patients can resume an active lifestyle following a hip replacement although they generally are advised not to participate in heavy impact loading activities such as running, playing basketball, competitive tennis, etc. Please speak with your physician about your goals if you choose to have surgery.

How long does the procedure for a total hip replacement take?

The operating room is reserved for approximately two and half to three hours for a total hip replacement. Some of this time is used by the operating room nurses and anesthesia to prepare you for your surgery.

Is it possible for a hip replacement to fail?

All surgical procedures do come with risks and complications. The complications for a total hip replacement do include loosening of the artificial ball where it is secured by the femur, loosening of the socket and wearing of the plastic spacers. Any of the above complications could result in the need for a revision surgery.

How long do total hip replacements last?

Hip replacements generally last approximately 15-20 years.

How long is the hospital stay after a total hip replacement?

After a total hip replacement most patients are discharged from the hospital in three to four days.

What is the age limit for receiving a total hip replacement?

Age is not as much of a factor as your general health is. A physical and clearance from your personal physician is required to proceed with surgery.

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